What Our Members Say

Still unsure about whether or not CrossFit is for you? Check out what our members have to say below…

Aisla Waters – Facebook Review:

I have been coming to Cross Fit Derby for just over a year now and cannot recommend it highly enough. Fantastic training environment with friendly, like minded people and Luke is an encouraging and motivating coach to everyone who walks through the door. Went into the WOD on Saturday feeling rubbish and left feeling great, good for positive mind set too, bring on tomorrow!! TRY IT!!!

Harry Urmston – Facebook Review:

I’ve always been slightly sceptical of crossfit mainly from all the people who hate it for the sake of hating it, but I did my first session today hoping to work on some weak points I knew crossfit would help with and genuinely had alot of fun! Obviously I was blowing hard but everyone got there head down and trained hard which is a rarity and motivated me to push myself harder!

Jenna Robinson – Facbeook Review:

I’ve been coming to CrossFit Derby for about a year and 3 months now. Previously I’ve done Kickboxing, running, bootcamps, joined my local gym etc but nothing has compared to the level of training and love of fitness that I have gained since joining. From the the first session I’ve just been hooked. I’ve come on leaps and bounds. I’m lifting safely and getting better, stronger and fitter with every session. The guys really know their stuff and the support you get from other members is unreal. I’ve made friends for life. I was so nervous starting on my own but had no reason to be as everyone is so welcoming and enthusiastic and I look forward to growing more and getting better. I couldn’t recommend this place more.