Weight lifting Programmes and Coaching

We offer a number of different weightlifting programmes tailored to meet your performance goals – whether it’s to improve your technique in olympic lifting or to improve your overall strength.

One of our more popular programmes includes the 10 week olympic lifting and strength programme. This includes 2-3 sessions a week (depending on your preference), with one coached session per week.

We also offer private group and one to one lifting sessions.

Additional CrossFit Programming

If you are looking to improve certain skills or are looking to compete in CrossFit you may wish too look for some additional programming to supplement your usual sessions.

The additional works will be tailored to suit your needs and time frame.

Personal Training Sessions

We understand some people are unable to make the class times therefore can offer one to one personal training sessions or group sessions to suit your convenience.


Yoga, Stretch and MobilityEvery Saturday morning we run yoga and mobility sessions.

Each week offers a specific theme and focusses embedding elements of Ashtanga Yoga, PNF stretching, mobility, balance sequences and mind muscle awareness.

Yoga and mobility can facilitate strength, improve body control and enhance flexibility. It can also reduce the risks of overuse injuries, improve muscular-skeletal imbalances and aid in muscular recovery.

Cost: £5 for non CFD members

Nutrition Consultations

Details coming soon!

Sports Therapy

Every Monday evening and Friday mornings we have a professional Sports Therapist in the gym with us who can help assist with any aches and pains you may have.

Treatments include:

  • Sports Massage for pre and post exercise (30 minutes)
  • Injury Consultation and Treatment (30 minutes)
  • Taping and Strapping services.